KEFALONIA is the the crown jewel of the group of islands know as The Ionian Islands or more traditionally known as The Heptanese - or Seven Islands. This group of islands that lies off the Western coast of Greece plays host to some of the finest scenery in the Greek Islands, but Kefalonia quite literally has it all. This little island packs into more than most countries several times it's size.

From the soaring peaks of Mount Aenos National Park, that plays host to an abundance of flora and fauna, some of it unique to the isand such as the Black Kefalonian Fir Tree, to the vertigenous cliffs that plunge from dizzying heights into the deep blue Ionian Blue and Turquoise waters. Golden Sandy Beaches that slide gently in shallow, swim perfect waters to hidden bays and coves, some only accessible by boat, from which to snorkel and discover the underwater natural world along with shipwrecked boats and even a WWII submarine!

This multi-faceted, island with it's own unique, slightly idiosyncratic character delivers on every level. Visitors to this stunning island are spoilt for choice with an exhaustive list of things to see and do that will suit everyone. Explore the coastal roads by bicycle, hire a car to explore the villages tucked amongst the hillsides, or for those of an adventurous nature take a Jeep Safari trip high into the mountains, Kayak along the coastline or go caving deep into the heart of the island.

The underground wonder worlds of Melissani Lake and Drogarati Caves, both millions of years old will leave you in awe of Mother Nature as will the natural wonder that are the sink holes at Katavothres, a natural phenomenon of the water disappearing into holes in the seabed and re-emerging on the opposite side of the island!

And when all of that activity becomes to much, you can thesit back and relax and enjoy some of the islands abundance of wonderful produce. 
A vast array of produce grows on Kefalonia due to its unique terroir and climate. World class, award winning Single Estate Olive Oils produced from ancient groves waiting to be mopped up by freshly baked breads accompanied by the freshest salads and vegetables along side locally reared meats and fresh fish. And to top it all off you cannot visit Kefalonia without tasting some of the world class, award winning wines from one of the many wineries and vineyards, particularly the crisp, white Robola, unique to Kefalonia.

The islands chequered history is a paradise for history buffs, dating from Mycean times through to the modern ravages of the Second World War, to Mother Natures own mass destruction in the form of the 1953 earthquake which obliterated around 90% of the island.

And by night Kefalonia becomes a cosmopolitan playground, particularly in it's capital of Argostoli, where sail yachts and superyachts jostle for space along the harbour front and locals and toourists alike take to the promenade, pedestrianised streets and central square to 'volta' before dining at one of the many tavernas serving classic traditional Greek and Kefalonian dishes. And for the night owls, then one of the many cool cafés and bars will provide entertainment into the early hours of the morning, just in time to see the sun rise before the start of yet anohter day on this Ionian Paradise of Green and Blue.